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Gaining Clarity in a Sea of Uncertainty

By Ken and Lee Estridge

Almost everyone experiences times when we feel lost and unsure of what to do next in our life. We feel that something fundamental has changed. What worked in the past doesn't seem to be working any more or we feel like we are pushing boulders up hill to accomplish our goals. Or perhaps, we have just lost enthusiasm for what we are currently doing.

This feeling may be triggered by the loss of a job, a job transition, the loss of a loved one, a divorce, personal illness or illness in the family or reaching an age milestone where we wonder if we want the future to look like the past. There are many reasons for re-evaluating our lives but at those times of transition we often feel lost in the fog and in need of guidance to find a path through the fog. We know that something fundamental has changed and we aren't sure if it is inside us or outside of us, or both. What these times share is a lack of clarity about what to do next.

When faced with the fog, some people get paralyzed and waste valuable time and energy spinning their wheels. For most of our clients, staying stuck is a very expensive decision. Your time is your most valuable asset! Don't wait until you are desperate and out of options and feel like you can't afford help. Get help as soon as you recognize that you are stuck.

Here are a few questions you might ask yourself the next time you or someone dear to you experiences this sense of being lost and unclear about direction.

  1. Has the world changed in a fundamental way, or is the change something taking place inside of me?
  2. If you believe that the change is external to you, then the next question is who can help me evaluate what's going on? I probably need an industry expert to help me understand the trends and develop a strategy for moving forward.
  3. If you believe that the change is coming from within you, then the next question is who can help me see myself more clearly and understand the inner forces that are at work in me? This is the domain of a good life coach.

Here are some of the issues that a life coach would be likely to help you take a deep look at:

  1. What matters most to me at this moment in time and what would be most fulfilling for me? One tool that coaches use is to ask you to write your obituary to identify what you want to leave behind and be remembered for. Your goal is to be in alignment with what matters most to you at this moment in time.
  2. What am I doing when am I being my best self? How would I describe my best self and how can I be that way more often?
  3. What parts of my life are giving me energy at this moment in time?
  4. What are the activities and who are the people who are draining my energy?
  5. Where am I on my lifeline and what have been the high and low points in my life to date and what has triggered the main transitions?
  6. What patterns of automatic behavior do I observe in myself? How does my behavior change when I am stressed? How are my patterns of behavior serving me or not serving me today?
  7. What is the lens through which I see the world? How does my filter affect what I see, believe and feel?
  8. How can I identify and evaluate the options that are best for me to consider?
  9. How can I develop an action plan and break my process down into manageable steps?
  10. Who can provide me with an accountability partner with whom I can check in regularly to ensure that I make progress?

If you or someone you know feels that they are lost in the fog, this is a great time to make this time of transition a time of transformation.

Your Guides in Transformation,

Ken and Lee Estridge