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Ken is a Certified Gazelles International Coach and a Certified Top Grading Coach who uses proven methodologies to help the owners and leaders of privately held companies with revenue of $5-100 million grow their companies more quickly and profitably with less stress. If you are stuck in the "Growth Trap" and feel that you are working too hard for not enough return, and know there is a better way to scale but haven't found it yet, Ken can help. Ken can help you employ best practices for growing your company and make sure that you get all the elements of growth right.

There are four decisions that every company leader must get right to maximize growth and profit:

  • People - Would you enthusiastically rehire everyone on your team? Do you have the right people on your team doing the right things for the right reasons? Do you have a team of mostly "A" players who work well together or are you tolerating mediocrity in multiple positions? Does everyone on your team love coming to work and doing what they do? Is your company a happy place to work where people really appreciate each other's differences and work well together as a team or is there lots of internal conflict?
    • Ken can help you evaluate your team and Top Grade your team!
    • Ken can help you improve your team dynamics so that your team works better together.
  • Strategy - Can you state your strategy in a single sentence? How many of your key leaders would come up with the same sentence? Are your sales growing rapidly and easily? Are you attracting the right clients and do they stay with you forever and become enthusiastic fans and promoters? If you have a good strategy, your top line revenue will reflect it. If your top line revenue is flat, declining or not meeting your expectations, you most likely have a strategy issue. Do you know who your ideal clients are? Do you know what matters most to them? Do you have a strategy that clearly differentiates your company from the competition in ways that really matter to your ideal target clients or do you offer the same products and services as your competition and need to compete primarily on price? Are you able to express your strategy in clear distinct messages that everyone on your team can easily articulate so that they can all be ambassadors for your company?
    • Ken can help you get your strategy right so that it clearly differentiates your company and makes it easier for your sales people to close sales.
  • Execution - How many consecutive months have you exceeded revenue and profit goals? If you are not consistently meeting or exceeding your targets, what's getting in the way? Execution starts with a plan that everyone understands and agrees to. Is your team aligned? Are they all working on the same top priorities and rowing in the same direction? Do you have the most efficient organizational structure to execute your plan? Do you have a rhythm of team meetings that keeps everyone rowing in the same direction? Do you have highly productive and efficient team meetings or do they drag on and resolve little? Are you a good meeting facilitator? Does your team look forward to coming together for weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual team meetings? Do you clear metrics that include leading and lagging indicators for all activities and people that enable you to accurately monitor your progress?
    • Ken can help you identify the gaps in your execution and improve your execution by working with you to create clear priorities, metrics and meeting rhythms.
    • He can help you improve the quality and efficiency of your team meetings.
  • Cash - Cash is like Oxygen. When you run out of cash, the game is over! How can you increase cash flow without more outside debt or equity financing? How can you have the cash resources you need when you need them at the lowest possible cost to your company? Do you have clear financial projections going forward that enable you to plan your cash needs? It allows you to make mistakes and recover. It enables you to seize opportunities and ward off threats. It enables you to survive when the economy is in recession.
    • Ken can help you analyze your cash flows and improve your cash conversion cycle - the time it takes to go from a sales proposal to getting paid for that order.
    • Ken can help you improve your business model so that you require less cash to grow your company.
    • Ken can help you create a dashboard that will provide foresight and help you avoid being blindsided.