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A Truism Worth Living By

By Ken and Lee Estridge

It's Worth It

Last month we shared an approach to helping you be clear and deliberate about what you'd like to create in your life, both professionally and personally. We thought that a good counterpoint to that exercise would be to ask some questions about the role that your heart plays in the way that you run your business, lead your team, and live your life.

Hearts and Minds

Like many "truisms" that permeate our culture, the idea that the people we admire most imbue their lives with a healthy mix of their hearts and minds is well known to many of us. But, if you stop and think about it, you might wonder how that "truism" translates into behaviors and choices. While it's pretty clear how we can measure someone's thoughtfulness and level of expertise, it's not always easy to see how someone's heart manifests in daily life. Here are some questions to help you see the ways in which your heart is a part of your life:

  1. What role does compassion and empathy play in your day-to-day activities?
  2. Do you treat people the way you would like to be treated?
  3. Is the culture of your organization and family one that cares deeply about people?
  4. How do you express your care for others?
  5. Do you give only to receive, or do you give because you want to enrich the lives of the people around you?
  6. How do you contribute your time, effort, and resources to improving the lives of others?
  7. What role does charity play in the culture of your work and family life?
  8. How loyal are your employees, customers, and family members?
  9. Do you feel cared for by the people in your life?
  10. Do you promote a circle of giving?


December might seem like an odd time for reflection-parties, holidays, and social commitments can be fun, stressful, and distracting. Amidst all the end-of-year activities, be sure to give yourself permission to spend an hour reflecting on how your heart manifests in your life.

We send our heart-felt wishes to you. May your holiday season be filled with Peace, Joy, and Love.

Ken & Lee