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What Have You Learned Lately?

By Ken and Lee Estridge

More Data, Better Living?

Are you more effective today than you were at this time last year? Are you focusing your learning in the right areas? Are you supporting your colleagues, friends, and family members in their own learning and development? There's no dearth of information and educational platforms for learning, and the ubiquity of available data and content can be overwhelming. Prior to the Internet era, data and information were scarce and access was at times difficult to come by. Now we can access information through any number of venues; but one aspect of life-long learning and education hasn't changed: in order to learn and grow, one must be self-reflective, open to new ideas, and able to focus on the most relevant information.

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

What do androids and sheep have to do with life-long learning and education? We probably lost a few of you at this point, but some of you will actually stop, wonder, and Google "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" Within a few seconds you'll either be reminded that you saw "Blade Runner" back in the 80s, or you'll discover a new piece of information about American pop culture. The point to the sheep and androids reference is that any us can access information about just about anything, but that doesn't necessarily mean that we are engaging in self-reflection or that we are particularly focused on learning something useful (interesting maybe, but not useful). Adult learners, whether they're students, readers, or conference attendees, learn because they are willing to stop, reflect, and focus on the most relevant content. The need to read, listen, and learn has never been greater. We are bombarded every day by thousands of messages. How do we decide what's relevant to us?

Forever Kaizen

The Japanese pioneered the concept of Kaizen - the idea that we never attain perfection; we just keep trying to improve and commit to a life-long process of change and growth. This commitment is only realized if we are focused and open to learning about what matters most to us. Do you embrace Kaizen in your life?

Wait for It...

Next month we'll share some of our thoughts about a specific type of learning that promotes self-understanding and supports personal growth.

Ken and Lee Estridge