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The One Night Getaway

By Ken and Lee Estridge

The Paradox of Being Present

Vacations don't need to be long, complicated, and expensive. Sometimes one night is all it takes to give you a break from your everyday reality and spend some quality time with the person who means the most to you. One of the challenges for working professionals is that there is always too much to think about and to do. It's very easy to have your mind at the office while your body is spending time with your loved ones. Changing your location and environment, and escaping together with your significant other for a one-night romantic adventure can catapult you into you into being completely present with your partner. The paradox of being present is that the more you let go of your own day-to-day responsibilities, the more responsive you can be to your significant other.

Today is For Us

For people with children at home, it's especially important to plan these one-night getaways because the children and their activities often take up the entire weekend, and you and your significant other get the leftovers. It's a delightful surprise when one partner plans the getaway as a gift to the other with all the details and logistics taken care of in advance. It's a way of saying to the one you love, "Today I really want to be with you."

Sometimes It's That Easy

Alternatively, for couples without children (or if your kids are grown), it can be something the two of you spontaneously plan together. For example, this morning we woke up and said to each other, "We've had a really busy week, wouldn't it be nice to escape to a beautiful place by the sea for a romantic overnight?" Thanks to the Internet, it took us all of 15 minutes to select our destination, book a room at a lovely inn, and arrange a romantic dinner. We both arrived home from our one-night trip feeling rested, happy, and ready to face our daily responsibilities.

Romantically yours,

Lee and Ken Estridge