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Ken serves as a trusted advisor, sounding board, and thought partner for the CEO's of small to medium size businesses. He assists them in developing and refining their strategy, raising capital, building their team, determining what role they should play and executing their plan for growth.

Success Begins with a Plan

Many small businesses and early-stage companies have a good grasp of the technology involved in their products and services, but have limited experience with the management skills required to launch and grow a successful business. They often operate without a business plan, or develop unrealistic plans that fail to set accurate expectations or plan for possible setbacks along the way. Without a carefully thought-out business plan, the focus often becomes diffused, and valuable resources are depleted without attaining desired goals. Ken Estridge's vast experience creating, reviewing and refining business plans helps companies create winning plans that focus management activities and attract required investment capital.

Financial Planning and Analysis

Ken Estridge provides financial consulting to help management make sound financial decisions and increase profitability. Ken has deep experience in developing capitalization strategies and has successfully provided introductory services and advisory services to procure initial and follow-on investment from angel investors, venture capitalists and corporate partners. Ken can help CEO's analyze their financial statements, determine what they can do to improve profitability, understand the financial consequences of growth, and think about whether they need equity or can achieve their goals with debt or their own resources. With this knowledge and analysis, Ken helps CEO's develop concrete plans that they can share with angel investors or venture capitalists..

Building Infrastructure for Growth and Profitability

Often a CEO of a small business does everything him or herself. Ken helps such clients build the infrastructure to allow their businesses to grow rapidly and to create a valuable business that can be sold to a buyer at a good price. This generally entails analyzing how the CEO spends their time in order to determine the most valuable uses of their time. This also results in identifying the kinds of people who need to be hired for the CEO to give away a chunk of what they were doing. When they focus their energy on the right things, they are able to be more effective and build a business that can grow rapidly. With his depth of understanding and experience, Ken is able to help CEO's make good decisions about infrastructure, people, finances, marketing, sales, products, services, and more.

Management Consulting Services Offered Include:

  • Serving as a Director or Advisory Board Member
  • Sounding Board and Thought Partner
  • Strategic Planning
  • Financial Analysis and Planning
  • Capitalization Strategy
  • Preparing for Presentations to Angel Investors or VC's
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Sales Management
  • Assessing Infrastructure and Recruiting Needs
  • Building Infrastructure
  • Interviewing Key Management Candidates
  • Maximizing Effectiveness Through Team Building 
  • Executive Coaching
  • Leading Effective Meetings
  • Interacting with the Board of Directors
  • Assistance Evaluating and Negotiating potential Mergers or Acqusitions
  • Successfully Exiting from your Business